A Custom-Built Car That Combines Retro Style and Modern Technology: The 2024 Chevy Chevelle

The Chevy Chevelle is one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time, with a history that spans from 1964 to 1977.

The Chevelle was known for its powerful engines, sleek design, and high performance.

But what if the Chevelle made a comeback in 2024? That’s exactly what Trans Am Worldwide, a company that specializes in reviving classic cars, has done.

They have created a modern version of the 1970 Chevelle SS, called the 70/SS, that combines retro style with modern technology.

A picture of the 2024-Chevy-Chevelle, also known as 70/SS[photo courtesy: TransAM worldwide]
The car is built by Trans Am Worldwide, using the Camaro as the base platform and modifying it to look like the 1970 Chevelle SS.[photo courtesy: TransAM worldwide]
Here is everything you need to know about the 2024 Chevy Chevelle.

Is Chevy making a 2024 Chevelle?

The answer is no, Chevy is not making a 2024 Chevelle.

The 70/SS is not an official Chevrolet product, but rather a custom-built car by Trans Am Worldwide.

They use the sixth-generation Camaro as the base platform, and modify every exterior panel except the windshield to resemble the 1970 Chevelle SS.

A picture of the 1970 Chevelle[photo courtesy: Sports Car Market]
1970 Chevelle[photo courtesy: Sports Car Market]
They also offer various engine, transmission, suspension, and color options to suit different preferences and budgets.

The 70/SS is not affiliated with or endorsed by Chevrolet or General Motors in any way.

What does the new 2024 Chevelle look like?

The new 2024 Chevelle looks like a faithful recreation of the original 1970 Chevelle SS, with some modern touches.

The car features a long hood, a short deck, a wide grille, round headlights, dual stripes, and SS badges.

The car also has custom carbon fiber panels, LED taillights, and a removable hardtop option.

The interior is mostly based on the Camaro, but with retro-style seats, carpet, and shifter knob.

The car also has a digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system.

How much will the 2024 Chevelle SS cost?

The 2024 Chevelle SS is not a cheap car, as you might expect from a custom-built muscle car. The base price starts at $150,000, which includes a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine that produces 450 horsepower.

However, if you want more power and performance, you can opt for a supercharged or twin-turbocharged engine that can deliver up to 1,500 horsepower.

These options will cost you extra, as well as other features such as wheel and tire packages, brake upgrades, carbon fiber parts, and custom colors.

What car replaced the Chevelle?

In 1977, Chevrolet discontinued the production of the Chevelle after four generations.

They replaced the car with the Malibu, originally a trim level of the Chevelle.

The Malibu transitioned into a standalone model in 1978 and remained on the market until 1983.

Chevrolet revived the Malibu name in 1997 as a mid-size sedan, and they continue to produce it today.

A picture of Malibu chevy[photo courtesy: Wikipedia]
Malibu chevy[photo courtesy: Wikipedia]

Why did Chevy stop making the Chevelle?

Chevy stopped making the Chevelle for several reasons.

One of them was the decline of the muscle car market in the mid-1970s, due to factors such as rising gas prices, stricter emission standards, and changing consumer preferences.

Another reason was the introduction of the downsized A-body platform in 1978, which made the Chevelle obsolete.

The new platform was lighter and more fuel-efficient than the previous one, but also less powerful and less spacious.


The 2024 Chevy Chevelle is not a real Chevrolet product, but a tribute to one of the most legendary muscle cars ever made.

The car is built by Trans Am Worldwide, using the Camaro as the base platform and modifying it to look like the 1970 Chevelle SS.

The car offers various engine options that range from 450 to 1,500 horsepower, as well as other features that enhance its performance and appearance.

It is not cheap though, as it starts at $150,000 and can go up depending on the options chosen.

Fans of classic muscle cars who want to experience the thrill of driving a modernized version of the Chevelle SS find the car to be a dream come true.

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