Riding High on Savings: Why is Chevy Equinox So Cheap

Why is the Chevy Equinox so cheap? It’s a valid question, given Chevy’s reputation for quality.

To understand the accessible price, look at the broader car market.

An image a Chevy Equinox
A Chevy Equinox Packed in an Open Space.
Photo: Edmunds

Chevrolet competes fiercely in this dynamic industry.

Competition drives brands to offer competitive prices without compromising quality.

In a market full of assumptions about vehicle quality, let’s uncover the truth about this compact SUV.

The Chevy Equinox’s affordable price often raises eyebrows, making people question why it’s so budget-friendly.

This article explores why Chevy Equinox cars are affordable, explaining the real reasons and showing why they’re a great choice for many people.

Does the Chevy Equinox High Volume Production Keep Costs Down?

Chevy Equinox SUVs are affordable mainly because they make a lot of them.

When you produce more vehicles, the cost for each one goes down.

This happens because of something called economies of scale.

It lets manufacturers divide their fixed costs among a greater number of units.

For the Chevy Equinox, the strong demand for this popular SUV has allowed Chevrolet to make more of them, bringing down the production costs.

Does the Chevy Equinox Basic Design Allow High Production Volumes?

The Chevy Equinox’s simple and functional design is another reason for its high-volume production.

This straightforward design makes manufacturing more efficient.

By keeping things simple, Chevrolet can streamline the production line, cutting down on the time and cost of assembling each vehicle.

These savings are then passed on to consumers through lower prices.

How the Global Platform Lowers Per-Unit Costs

Chevy Equinox SUVs are affordable because they’re built on a global platform.

This means they use the same basic components and manufacturing processes worldwide.

Standardizing the production process helps Chevrolet be more efficient and cut costs.

Moreover, using a global platform lets Chevrolet benefit from economies of scale on a global scale, helping to reduce the costs per unit further.

Does the Chevy Equinox use Lower Quality Materials Than Competitors?

Chevy Equinox SUVs are priced lower than competitors because they use more affordable materials in certain parts of the vehicle.

These materials are cheaper to produce, saving costs for the manufacturer and leading to lower consumer prices.

Fewer Premium Features

An image showing the basic geatures of A Chevy Equinox
Basic features of a Checy Equinox.
Photo: Biggers Chevrolet

Although the Chevy Equinox includes modern amenities like touchscreen infotainment systems and advanced safety features, it may lack the luxury features found in pricier SUVs.

This trade-off helps keep the Equinox more affordable for consumers who don’t need or prioritize those additional features.

It’s crucial to note that, despite using lower-cost materials in certain areas, the Chevy Equinox remains a reliable and functional SUV, providing good value for its price.

Whether to choose the Equinox or a more expensive competitor depends on personal preferences and priorities.

Inventory Management Incentives

Chevy Equinox SUVs are affordable in part because Chevrolet provides inventory management incentives to its dealerships.

These incentives aim to motivate dealerships to sell more vehicles, ultimately lowering the overall cost of the vehicles.

Through these incentives, Chevrolet maintains a competitive price for Equinox.

Minimal Advertising Budget

Chevy recognizes the importance of positive customer experiences and the influence of word-of-mouth recommendations.

By prioritizing quality products and outstanding customer service, they inspire satisfied customers to share their experiences with friends, family, and colleagues.

This authentic advertising approach not only helps control costs but also fosters trust in the brand.

Moreover, Chevy Equinox SUVs have become known for their reliability and durability.

Many owners gladly share their positive experiences, amplifying the word-of-mouth marketing for the brand. This favorable buzz enables Chevy to spend less on conventional advertising and allocate more resources to enhancing the vehicle itself.

The Downsides of a Cheap SUV

Although the affordable price of a Chevy Equinox SUV might be appealing, it’s crucial to weigh the potential drawbacks before deciding to buy. Here are some important factors to consider:

Poorer Predicted Reliability

A downside of an affordable SUV like the Chevy Equinox is its predicted reliability.

Consumer Reports conducted a study indicating that Equinox has received below-average reliability ratings compared to its peers in the compact SUV segment.

This suggests that owners might encounter more frequent mechanical issues, potentially leading to higher maintenance costs over time.

It’s crucial to take this factor into account, especially if you intend to keep the vehicle for an extended period.

Less Passenger Space

An image of the interiors of A chevy Equinox
Passenger Seats in a Chevy Equinox
Photo: Marine Chevrolet

Another trade-off of a budget-friendly SUV is the potential compromise on interior space.

While the Chevy Equinox accommodates up to five passengers, some competitors in the same price range may offer more spacious cabins.

This could lead to a slightly cramped feel, particularly for taller individuals or those who frequently travel with a full passenger load.

If having ample legroom and comfort is a priority, exploring other SUV options that provide more generous seating arrangements might be worth considering.

Outdated Infotainment System

The Chevy Equinox faces a challenge in its infotainment system.

An image of A chevy Equinox infortainment system
An Infotainment system in a Chevy Equinox
Photo: Rentschler Chevrolet

Despite having standard features like Bluetooth and a touchscreen display, the system itself is often criticized for its outdated interface and lack of intuitive controls.

This could be a significant drawback, particularly for tech-savvy individuals who value a seamless and user-friendly multimedia experience while driving.

If having the latest technology and a modern infotainment system is a priority, exploring other SUV models that offer more advanced features might be a consideration.

It’s important to carefully assess these downsides in light of the Chevy Equinox’s affordability.

While it may have a lower upfront cost, it’s crucial to factor in potential long-term expenses and your specific needs and preferences.

Ultimately, striking the right balance between price and quality becomes pivotal when deciding on a budget-friendly SUV.

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