Stay Connected On the Go: What is Chevrolet Connected Access

Chevrolet Connected Access is a big step up for your new Chevy.

It offers helpful info and simplifies tasks.

Plus, you can access it through the car screen or a phone app.

chevrolet connected Access

So, whether you’re driving or on the go, it’s always at your fingertips.

What Can You Do with Chevrolet Connected Access?

Chevrolet Connected Access is a complimentary service offered by Chevrolet.

It’s accessible through your smartphone.

Just download the myChevrolet Mobile App and input your personal and vehicle details.

An image of someone using MyChevrolet App
My Chevrolet App in use

With cutting-edge technology, Chevrolet Connected Access assures added convenience and more.

Integrate it into your Chevrolet model’s infotainment system for unforgettable driving experiences.

Features include:

Chevrolet Smart Driver

This useful tool keeps track of your driving habits, such as speed, braking, and turn signal use, among other factors.

It compares your safe driving behaviors with those of other Chevrolet drivers randomly selected.

If you’re a safe driver, you might qualify for a discount on car insurance from participating providers.

Vehicle Diagnostics

This feature monitors your vehicle’s performance and can notify you of any potential issues that require attention.

You can opt to receive monthly diagnostic reports via email or text alerts when problems arise.

Maintenance Alerts

Many vehicle owners forget about routine maintenance, but this feature ensures you stay on top of it.

It sends alerts for scheduled maintenance tasks and can even suggest preferred service providers and help you schedule appointments.

Keeping a detailed service record can also increase the value of your vehicle when it’s time to trade it in.

Miscellaneous Information

An Image of a Chevy Infotainment system after being connected to the Chevrolet Connected Access
Chevrolet Connected Access connected to a chevy Infotainment System

You can easily access your Chevrolet owner’s manual on your phone whenever you need it.

Additionally, you can check for vehicle recalls through Connected Access.

Chevrolet Marketplace

Whether you need to grab dinner on your way home or book a hotel for the night, Chevrolet Marketplace has you covered.

You can make orders and reservations directly from your car.

Plus, you can find nearby restaurants, theaters, gas stations, and more using this service.

For a small monthly fee, additional services are available.

For instance, one plan lets you use your phone as a key FOB, enabling you to start your car, turn on lights, or locate your vehicle and access on-demand diagnostics.

Another plan offers unlimited 4G data downloading, while another provides enhanced emergency assistance, including crash assistance, security aid, and turn-by-turn navigation.

Chevrolet Connected Access Plans


1. Basic Plan

Comes with new Chevrolet cars for a short time.
– Remote Start/Stop: Start or stop your car from your phone.
– Remote Lock/Unlock: Lock or unlock your car from far away.
– Vehicle Diagnostics: Check your car’s health like tire pressure and fuel level.
– Vehicle Location: Find your car on a map if you forget where you parked.

2. Remote Access Plan

Adds more to the Basic Plan.
– Extended Remote Key Fob: Honk the horn or flashlights from your phone.
– On-Demand Diagnostics: Get detailed reports on your car’s health anytime.
– Service Appointment Scheduling: Easily schedule service appointments.

3. Protection Plan

Focuses on safety and security.
– Stolen Vehicle Assistance: Helps find your stolen car.
– Emergency Services: Get quick help in an accident.
– Roadside Assistance: Towing and fuel delivery help in emergencies.

4. Data Plans for Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connect your devices to the internet while driving.

5. Navigation Plan

Get real-time traffic updates and find routes easily.

6. Family Link Plan

For families with young drivers.
– Geofencing: Get alerts if the car goes out of set boundaries.
– Speed Alerts: Get notified if the car goes over certain speeds.
– Curfew Alerts: Alerts if the car is driven outside set times.

7. Entertainment Plan

Access music, radio, and entertainment features.

Remember, availability and details may vary by model and location.

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