What Is Chevrolet MyLink: Unveiling Your In-Car Tech Concierge

Experience the magic of Chevrolet MyLink – the infotainment system that transformed driving for Chevy owners.

Cruise down the highway, blasting your favorite tunes, guided by seamless navigation, all controlled with a tap or your voice.

Although not in new Chevy models since 2019, MyLink still thrives in many pre-owned vehicles, providing a range of functions and a user-friendly interface.

Buckle up as we explore the world of Chevrolet MyLink, delving into its capabilities, usage, and legacy.

What is Chevrolet Mylink
Chevrolet MyLink may no longer be gracing new Chevy models, but its impact on the automotive infotainment landscape is undeniable.

What Is Chevrolet MyLink?

Chevrolet MyLink is an infotainment system that was offered in Chevrolet vehicles from 2011 to 2018. It was replaced by the Chevy Infotainment 3 system in 2019, but the two systems have very similar features.

A Symphony of Features: Chevrolet MyLink Unveiled

Chevrolet MyLink transformed driving into a connected and convenient experience. Explore its feature-rich repertoire that redefined in-car entertainment:

Touchscreen Maestro

MyLink featured a 7- or 8-inch touchscreen on the center console, allowing intuitive control with taps and swipes. Adjust audio, access navigation, and explore apps effortlessly.

Smartphone Synergy

Seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto turned your smartphone into an in-car extension. Make calls, send texts, stream music, and navigate using familiar apps, all while keeping your focus on the road.

Entertainment Extravaganza

MyLink brought sonic joy to your drives with options like AM/FM radio, CD player, and auxiliary input.

Connect your smartphone or USB flash drive for personalized playlists, and some models even offered a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

Navigation Know-How

Navigate with ease using built-in navigation or subscription-based apps like iGo Primo or Navigation by Telenav.

MyLink guided you through urban jungles or scenic countrysides, catering to both seasoned explorers and directionally challenged drivers.

Teen Driver Technology

For peace of mind, MyLink offered Teen Driver, promoting responsible driving habits among young drivers.

Set speed limits, receive alerts for exceeding them, and ensure seatbelt use for safer journeys.

What is Chevrolet Mylink
Buckle up as we delve into the world of Chevrolet MyLink, exploring its capabilities, usage, and legacy.

Unlocking the Magic: How to Use Chevrolet MyLink

Experience the intuitive use of MyLink with this quick guide:

  1. Start Your Engine: Power up your Chevrolet, and MyLink automatically comes to life.
  2. Touchscreen Takeover: Familiarize yourself with the touchscreen layout, representing functions like audio, navigation, phone, and apps.
  3. Smartphone Symphony: Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB cable to utilize Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Follow on-screen prompts for a seamless connection.
  4. Voice Navigation: Press the voice command button on the steering wheel and speak your destination clearly for guided navigation.
  5. Explore the Apps: Access a library of downloadable apps, from music streaming to news updates. Browse and choose the ones that suit your needs.
  6. Customize Your Experience: Personalize settings like audio preferences, navigation voice, and create shortcuts for frequently used functions.

The Evolution Beyond Chevrolet MyLink

In 2019, Chevrolet introduced the Chevy Infotainment 3 system, marking the evolution beyond MyLink.

Boasting faster processing power, a more intuitive interface, and expanded compatibility, it offered a comprehensive and future-proof infotainment experience.

MyLink’s legacy lives on in pre-owned Chevrolet vehicles, testifying to its groundbreaking features and user-friendly design.

Models That Once Sang with MyLink

Explore a non-exhaustive list of Chevrolet models that once featured the MyLink system:

  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Chevrolet Malibu
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Chevrolet Traverse

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