Which is Bigger Ford Explorer or Chevy Traverse? Find Out Here

The Ford Explorer and the Chevrolet Traverse are two popular midsize SUVs that offer spacious interiors, powerful engines, and plenty of features.

But which one is bigger and better for your needs? In this article, we will compare the two SUVs in terms of size, price, reliability, and more.

A picture comparison showing Ford Explorer vs Chevy Traverse | Photo courtesy: Jerry Ramus
Ford Explorer vs Chevy Traverse | Photo courtesy: Jerry Ramus

How does the Ford Explorer compare to the Chevy Traverse?

One of the main differences between the two is their size.

The Chevy Traverse is longer, wider, and taller than the Ford Explorer, which means it has more passenger and cargo space. The Ford Explorer, on the other hand, has a shorter wheelbase and a higher ground clearance, which may give it an edge in handling and off-road performance.

Here is a table that summarizes the key dimensions of both vehicles:

Dimension Ford Explorer Chevy Traverse
Length 198.8 in 205.9 in
Width 78.9 in 78.6 in
Height 70.2 in 70.7 in
Wheelbase 119.1 in 120.9 in
Ground Clearance 8.2 in 7.5 in

As you can see, the Chevy Traverse is about 7 inches longer, 0.3 inches wider, and 0.5 inches taller than the Ford Explorer.

also has a slightly longer wheelbase, which may translate to a smoother ride and more legroom for the rear passengers.

The Ford Explorer has a 0.7 inch higher ground clearance, which may help it tackle rough terrain and avoid scraping the bottom.

Is Explorer or Traverse more expensive?

Another factor to consider when comparing the SUVs is their price.

The Ford Explorer has a higher starting price than the Chevy Traverse, but it also offers more engine options and trim levels. The Chevy Traverse has a lower starting price, but it only comes with one engine choice and fewer features. Here is a table that shows the base MSRP and average paid price of both vehicles:

Model Base MSRP Average Paid
Ford Explorer $36,760 $37,175
Chevy Traverse $34,520 $35,414

From the table, the Ford Explorer is about $2,240 more expensive than the Chevy Traverse at the base level, but the difference narrows to $761 when you factor in the average paid price.

The average paid price reflects the actual transaction price that buyers pay after discounts, incentives, and negotiations.

A comparison picture between Ford Explorer Vs Chevy Traverse front views | Photo courtesy: MotorTrend
Ford Explorer Vs Chevy Traverse front views | Photo courtesy: MotorTrend

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Is the Chevy Traverse more reliable than Ford Explorer?

The last aspect we will compare between the Ford Explorer and the Chevy Traverse is their reliability.

Reliability is an important factor for any car buyer, as it affects:

  • the ownership cost
  • maintenance frequency
  • resale value of the vehicle

Reliability ratings are based on various sources of data, such as consumer surveys, warranty claims, and recall history.

According to U.S. News & World Report, both the two have a reliability score of 83 out of 100, which is above average for their class. However, according to J.D. Power, the Chevy Traverse has a slightly higher overall dependability rating of 86 out of 100, compared to 85 for the Ford Explorer.

The J.D. Power rating is based on three categories:

  1. mechanical quality
  2. powertrain quality
  3. design quality


In conclusion, both the Ford Explorer and the Chevy Traverse are excellent midsize SUVs that offer plenty of space, power, and features for their buyers. However, they also have some distinct differences that may appeal to different preferences and needs.

The Chevy Traverse is bigger than the Ford Explorer in terms of length, width, height, wheelbase, passenger volume, and cargo volume. It also has a lower starting price and a slightly higher reliability rating than the Ford Explorer.

The Ford Explorer is smaller than the Chevy Traverse in terms of dimensions, but it has a higher ground clearance and more engine options than the Chevy Traverse. It also has a higher starting price and a similar reliability score as the Chevy Traverse.

Ultimately, the choice between two depends on your personal taste, budget, and priorities.

We hope this article has helped you compare these two vehicles and make an informed decision.

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